Take part in success.  

The Unger Steel Group acts as a General Contractor and partial General Contractor. Various trades are partners in well-known subcontractors from the regional area of the project.  

We are looking for ambitious partners who share in our vision of quality and absolute reliability. Please use our application form in order to offer us a partnership.
Anfrage per Formular

United Arab Emirates

For the United Arab Emirates we are looking for the following products:

  • Plate for steel construction
  • Profiles for steel construction
  • Pipes for steel construction
  • Fixing material and components (bolts, anchors)
  • Flat grids
  • Welding wires
  • Tool kits and electrical machines for steel constructions
  • Welding eqipment
  • Welding machines
  • Crane and lifting technology (ropes, chains)

Conditions for purchasing 

The Unger Steel Group purchasing conditions as well as contract conditions are available for you to download: