Unger receives the European Steel Design Award for the diamond-shaped roof at the new Vienna Central Railway Station

Vienna/Istanbul, September 15, 2015. Internationally operating Unger Steel Group proved itself yet again with excellent steel structures and received yesterday in Istanbul the European Steel Design Award from the European Convention for Constructural Steelwork (ECCS). The award was given for the diamond-shaped roof at the new Vienna Central Railway Station. Unger received this prestigious award for the third time: In 2007 the jury bestowed an award for the earthquake-proof "Bucharest Tower Center" in Romania and in 2009 for the West Wing of the city library "Neue Mitte Lehen" in Salzburg.

Unger Steel Middle East FZE builds mega storage warehouses for fertilizer factory in Saudi Arabia

In the north of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Umm Wu'al EPC project is currently being implemented to exploit and process the country's rich phosphate deposits. The Saudi Arabian Mining Company, Ma'aden, commissioned Spanish industrial plant specialists Intecsa Ingeniería Industrial with the development and construction of a new fertilizer plant at Ras Al Khair industrial complex.  In November 2014, the Unger Steel Middle East FZE was commissioned by Intecsa Ingeniería Industrial for steel construction work of six mega warehouses including conveyor systems. The project construction is currently scheduled to start in May 2015 and to complete by end of July 2016, which means in only 14 months of construction, the large halls will be finalized and about 20,000 tons of steel installed.

On-time completion of the diamond-shaped roof of the Vienna Central Railway Station - Unger receives follow-up commission for north-west canopy roof

The on-time completion of the diamond-shaped roof of the Vienna Central Railway Station, which has already won multiple prizes, by Unger Steel Group has been one of the most challenging recent steel construction projects in Austria. Approximately 7,000 tons of steel were assembled for the widely visible 31,000 sqm roof structure, which is equal to the quantities used for the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The new Vienna Central Railway Station has already earned itself a reputation as one of the most significant multi-modal hubs within the trans-European rail network. The spectacular roof made of steel and glass components is a beacon of modern mobility and functionality, giving the train station a unique presence and international significance. However, Unger won't rest on its laurels for long after the successful completion: the steel construction specialist received another bid for roofing over the north-west canopy in the direction of Südtiroler Platz. On-site steel construction works for the project will begin in June 2014.

Diamond-shaped roof at Vienna Central Railway Station: Unger is entering final stage of construction.

Started in April 2014, the striking 31,000 sqm steel roof of the new Vienna Central Railway Station will welcome rail travelers to the federal capital. The spectacular structure is a landmark of modern mobility and a symbol of powerful dynamism, giving an unforgettable first impression of modern Vienna. In February 2013, Unger Steel Group entered the final building stage of the partially translucent roof structure spanning all platforms, tracks and buildings and creating unique lighting effects by day and by night. To turn the vision of this striking and original roof design by the Vienna Team (a group of architecture, planning and civil engineering firms) into reality, Unger Steel Group was commissioned as a reliable and experienced partner in architectural and structural steel construction by the building owner, Austrian Federal Railways, with the full construction and assembly of his intricate roof.

Winning project - Austrian Federal Railways diamond-shaped roof of Vienna Central Railway Station: Unger Steel Group wins Austrian Steel Construction Prize 2013

With its spectacular diamond-shaped roof for Vienna Central Railway Station, the internationally successful Unger Steel Group won over the expert panel at the Austrian Steel Construction Days, capturing the prestigious Austrian Steel Construction Prize with this technical masterpiece in steel construction. The approximately 31,000 m2 steel roof is a landmark of modern mobility and a symbol of powerful dynamism, as well as the main architectural element of the new Vienna Central Railway Station.

TLC logistics centre constructed in record time

It only took 16 weeks for dynamic project partners TLC Temmel and the Unger Steel Group to deliver a work of precision in a class of its own.
It looked as if this large-scale project was going to break all records with a construction time of 4 months – but project partners Unger Steel Group and TLC proved much more working on this ambitious masterpiece - the new 15,000 square metre logistics centre for TLC in Ilz was completed by the partners, and operations started, within just 16 weeks.

Impressive large-scale project in Russia: Unger realises the ultimate in car dealership centres in Moscow

In a record time of 18 months, the Unger Steel Group, in its role as general contractor, delivered the impressive large-scale project over 12 hectares of plot area. The result is a dynamic synergy between strong car makes and the central site that unites power, size and mobility in the form of a car dealership metropolis in Russia.

Diamond roof installation for the Vienna central railway station project is exactly on track with successful “half-time”:

The striking roof of the new central railway station in Vienna in the heart of Europe is already a strong signal of modernity and mobility. The internationally active Unger Steel Group assumed responsibility for the partially translucent diamond roof structure having a surface area of 40,000 square metres. Installation of the steel roof has arrived at half-time on schedule. At the moment, 8 of the 14 mighty diamond roofs, with an area of 25,000 square metres, are towering upwards, meaning the construction site has become a must-see attraction in Vienna for residents and tourists alike, as well as those with an interest in architecture. After final completion, the impressive diamond roof will extend over a width of 120 metres and a length of 420 metres, 15 metres above platform level, and welcome visitors in an impressive fashion.

The Unger Steel Group is Realising Hadid's Vision for WU

Five international star architects have developed the ability to study in a renowned atmosphere at the new Vienna University of Economics. The result is spectacular. It brings modern architecture, free space, inspiration and vision to the university campus, and improves the university experience.

Start of a new season in stadium construction: Unger finalises roof construction for the new football stadium in Essen

The new football stadium in Essen is receiving a spectacular roof installation by Unger Steel Group. Assembly of the structure has begun on January 23, 2012.The football stadium in Essen is the first contract awarded to the Unger Group by the government of Germany. This building is an architecturally and emotionally prestigious signature project.

Architectural masterpiece with striking elegance

Unger realises the “Gate to the Wachau” and builds the Marine and Cultural Heritage Centre in Wachau-Krems. The Wachau was declared as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in September 2000. 10 years later, on 12 October 2010, saw the turf-cutting ceremony in Krems-Stein take place for the future World Heritage Centre. State governor Erwin Pröll, Krems mayoress Inge Rinke and many dignitaries attended the ceremony.

Installation of diamond roof commences at the Central Railway Station in Vienna

With the positioning into place of the first diamond parts of the spectacular roof the highlight of the new Central Railway Station in Vienna has been realized. Approximately 5,000 tons of steel are processed for the striking construction of the folded roof structure. An area spanning 40,000m2 of steel will mark the first impression of Vienna for travellers from everywhere, welcoming them to the federal capital. The beginning of the installation set the stage for this important milestone within the five- year construction project.

Magna Heavy Stamping is expanding its plant in Albersdorf with project partner Unger Steel Group

The Unger Steel Group is contributing towards the success of Magna International with another tailor-made solution. The production site in Albersdorf-Prebuch, Styria, is expanding its facilities. In its role as prime contractor, the Unger Group has been overseeing the project and is set for ready-to-use handover of the extension to the stamping building in July in record time, and of the whole extension in September 2011. The ground-breaking ceremony took place on January 24th.

Vienna City port awarded the Austrian Steel Construction Prize 2011

The internationally successful Unger Steel Group and ‘werkraum wien ingenieure’ won over the expert audience at the Austrian Steel Construction Day on a national level with its impressive steel structure, the new landing stage for the two Twin City Liners. With this project, Unger and ‘werkraum wien ingenieure’ proved outstanding competence in steel construction and jointly accepted the Austrian Steel Construction Association's prestigious award.

Unger Steel Group and Dräxlmaier Group: Project partners in Moldova

Europe’s no. 1 in steel construction is supporting the leading developer and manufacturer of innovative vehicle power supply systems. In its role as partner to the Dräxlmaier Group, the Unger Steel Group is realising the comprehensive new building construction and redevelopment of the production facility in Moldova. As general contractor, Unger is demonstrating its expertise in ready-to-use quality in record time and in demanding conditions.

Austria’s first eco car dealership: Unger erects steel structure with style

Salzburg is seeing the creation of the first sustainable car dealership in Austria with Toyota’s seventh site. By the end of September 2009, the Unger Steel Group had manufactured key architectural structures such as the roof construction of the Toyota showroom and the roof trusses of the Lexus building. In contrast to traditional car dealerships, Toyota’s new facility barely has any straight lines or 90-degree angles and instead boasts sweeping contours, waves and fluctuation.

Unger Steel Group is the best family company in Burgenland, Austria in 2010

For more than 50 years the Unger Steel Group has been one of the leading internationally successful industrial companies in Europe. The Austrian group is a specialist and generalist in the construction industry with international success in three areas: steel, general contracting and real estate.

Unger Steel Group: Vision Made of Steel Realized for NürnbergMesse

A highlight of modern architecture made of steel adorns the redesigned “Central Entrance”, one of the main entranceways to the NürnbergMesse exhibition center. It is intended to transform it, together with the associated conference area, into a “portal to success” for the trade fair visitors. The complex design has been implemented by the Unger Steel Group, which showed proof of its solution competence in structural steel engineering once again. The result is something to be proud of: sophisticated architecture which will impress millions of trade fair visitors.

“Neue Mitte Lehen”: Outstanding steel architecture

Salzburg / Oberwart. – An outstanding steel architecture in Salzburg, the city of Mozart, draws the attention to itself – the new landmark, the “Neue Mitte Lehen” ornaments Salzburg. The former soccer stadium in the district of Lehen was converted into an architecturally and statically demanding building, in which the internationally successful Unger Steel Group accentuates steel as a construction material in a visually impressive manner.