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Unger received “BautechPrize” for the new ÖAMTC-Headquarters

The Unger Steel Group again impressed with outstanding steel constructions and received the Solid BautechPrize in Vienna on May 10th, 2017. The new ÖAMTC-Headquarters in Vienna was awarded with the prize. 

The top view of the building shows a rim of a wheel where each building wing represents one of five spokes. The ring facade, with a length of 230 m and a height of almost 17 m, represents the architectural highlight of the new ÖAMTC-Headquarters and is connecting the spokes. The ring facade is both, a noise barrier and a main escape path. The prominent located steel and glass ring structure of the building was designed by consequent using of BIM (Building Information Modeling) by the architects, the engineers and the executing companies. The Unger Steel Group was responsible for the realization of the steel structure of the ring facade, storey car park, hangar as well as the heliport.