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Thöni opening ceremony: green light for new state-of-the-art plant in Pfaffenhofen

The renowned Thöni Group, headquartered in Telfs, Tyrol, Austria, specialises in aluminium, automotive components, environmental energy technology, mechanical and plant engineering and hose production. Business success prompted the company’s management to draw up plans for the future, which included the construction of a new multi-bayed frame hall at the Pfaffenhofen site, which was officially commissioned on 20 September 2019. Its commissioning saw one of the largest industrial halls in western Austria commence operation.

Unger Steel Group was commissioned as the steel construction expert, responsible for rapid, professional and prompt completion of the steel hall construction, including craneways, roof and wall cladding, hall glazing with heat and smoke vents, gates and doors.

Prompt – completion in record time:
The hall was commissioned in April 2018; construction of the new aluminium press was commenced just a few weeks later. In view of the extremely tight timeframe, all work was logistically timed with maximum precision and carried out at top speed. Meeting deadlines is a top priority at Unger. We have completed numerous construction projects in record time and always to complete satisfaction. We are delighted to have been able to support Austrian success story Thöni with our comprehensive range of services in the best way possible, and to execute the construction project so that the timetable could be kept,’ explains Josef Unger, Managing Director and owner at Unger Steel Group. Unger Steel Group fitted the first steel frame in mid-July 2018. The date of completion or ‘hall-tight’ date was set for 21 December 2018. This means that the hall, including building envelope, was completed within a construction time of around 23 weeks! During that short time, Unger fitted approx. 2,800 tonnes of steel, approx. 22,500 m² of panels and approx. 2,500 m² of glass. The remaining work, including aligning the craneways and completing the sheet facing, got underway after Christmas 2018.

Contractors defied the cold and sub-zero temperatures:
The ‘hall-tight’ deadline was met due to consistent use of state-of-the-art BIM planning at Unger Steel Group and the fantastic commitment and teamwork of the contractors involved.

Future-proof – aluminium press Pfaffenhofen:
The hall, covering an area of approx. 19,000 m², consists of four hall bays, each of which is approx. 200 m long and approx. 20 m wide, as well as a press hall, which is approx. 50 m long and approx. 20 m wide.

Thöni’s production plant in Pfaffenhofen is unique in the aluminium industry worldwide. For the new plant, the company is investing for the first time in an aluminium extrusion press combined with internal high-pressure reforming, mechanical processing and a robot-operated assembly line. Commissioning of the fifth extrusion press will increase annual production capacity by a further 20,000 tonnes. The new plant will also enable Thöni to produce profile cross-sections, making Thöni a highly attractive partner for the automotive industry when it comes to e-mobility.

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Thöni plant Pfaffenhofen

Image credit: Unger Steel Group